Modifying my Meal Plan

Happy 4th of July everyone! I haven’t post my weekly meal plans in a while because I’ve been looking in doing things differently. I am a firm believer in planning your meals. It will save you time, money and headache! However, now that I have two babies under two it is hard to find the time to go grocery shopping by myself and even harder to spend more than 20 minutes at the grocery store with both kids. Since my time is now more limited, I’ve been thinking in doing my menu plan once a month. As I only plan for dinners, the idea is to plan for 20 meals and do one big shopping once a month. For fruit, vegetable and milk I can do a quick trip to the grocery store or sent the hubby on his way home from work.

July Dinner Menu

Lasagna, white rice, salad and Bread (Hosting a dinner at my house)

Chicken Fried Rice with broccoli

Spanish tortilla with rice and beans

Homemade Pizza serve with salad

Chicken and Dumpling Soup with green beans

No Peek Beef Tips serve over pasta with broccoli

Bake Chicken with rice and beans

Tacos with salad

BFD: Hashbrown casserole with eggs and ham

Chicken Noodles Soup with biscuit

Black and Red Fiesta Beans with Rice serve with corn chips

BBQ Pork with Mac n Cheese and green beans x 2 (one for us and one for a friend)

Chilli serve with honey corn bread and salad

Mashed potato and bacon soup serve with bread

Brown Sugar Meat loaf with mashed potatoes and broccoli

Salmon with mashed potatoes and steamed vegetables

Tilapia with mashed potatoes and steamed vegetables

Penne pasta with salmon serve with bread and salad

Spaghetti with bread and salad

Cheesy Ranch Chicken Pasta serve with Salad


The Reboot Challenge: What happened?

It’s been almost a month since my last post. You’ll see, I was supposed to publish this post a couple weeks ago. I did write it, not once but twice. Both times I didn’t save my work while I was writing it and both times I lost my post before being able to publish it. After wasting a couple of hours I gave in and didn’t have the energy or the desire to keep writing. You will think I learn my lesson by now but I started writing this post without saving it.

Now that I just save what I been writing let’s talk about the Reboot challenge.

I must start by saying that I really enjoy the Mary’s challenges they were very uplifting. However the Martha’s challenges were not qualify as challenges. Most of the things you were supposed to do. I already do on a regular basis.  The good thing about all this is that I realize my house is really not as messy as I think it is. It is just a house that gets a little messy from time to time because people live in it, and that’s OK.

The Reboot Challenge: First week’s recap

It is been a very busy week for me. I had to have some unexpected test at the doctor so I was unable to do all the tasks in this challenge. But none of these really matter because my goal is not to clean my house. I can do that in less than 31 days. My goal is to be able to maintain an organized home where people feel welcome and love. This challenge has started to worked with me from the inside out and that is why I am loving it.

Mary Challenge:

My #1 distraction is certainly the computer. I received too many emails from different blogs and I just don’t have the time to read them all. So this week I focus on streamline my email. I allow myself to choose 3 of my favorite blogs to keep receiving emails. I spent about 3 hours unsubscribing but I think it was worth it. The second subject was priorities, God is being working with me in this area for a while. Here is something I wrote about it last week.

And here is a bible verse that always came to my mind when I think about  laziness.


PS: Is already midnight so I will continue tomorrow with the Martha challenges.

The reboot challenge has started!

Just want to remind everyone that the 31 days to clean challenge started last Monday. Today is a catch up day, great time to start if you haven’t do so yet. I’ll be posting all my before and after pics on Fridays.

Another Cleaning Challenge

A couple weeks ago I saw an e-book called 31 days to clean: Having a Martha house the Mary way. It caught my eye the analogy with Martha and Mary. The idea of having a clean house while sitting at Jesus’ feet really intrigues me.

Now, in preparation for the release of her book the author is starting a challenge, 31 days to clean – the reboot. Since I was not able to fully complete my last cleaning challenge, I decided this was a great way to start over. If you like to join in as well, you can see all the details at her blog.

The challenge starts on Monday, June 4th!

Getting My Priorities Straight!

When you have to click the forgot-password link of your word press account, you know you haven’t been blogging for a while. You’ll see adjusting to baby number two and handling two babies at a time can be overwhelming. Getting organize it’s been a necessity to survive this new stage of my life and I first needed to start by getting my priorities straight.

When I visualize the order of my priorities, I like to use an analogy I heard from my pastor. It’s about trying to put rocks, sand and water into a jar. If you start with the sand and water, then when you try to shove in bigger things like rocks, they will not fit.  However, when you first start with the rocks, the small things like sand and water will fit in-between.

With that in mind, I decided I needed to find the rocks in my life. As a Christian I know that my big rocks are God, my family (husband and kids first in that order), and church. But, what does this mean and how will my priorities affect my schedule and my to-do list? Are the questions I been struggling with the most.

That is when my morning routine it’s been key in keeping my priorities into perspective. I have found that if I spent time with God first thing in the morning, He will dictate how the rest of my day is spent. With God’s help, I am able to determine in which way I can take care of the rest of my priorities (family and church). After this, my to-do list is fit in around those priorities.  Not the other way around!

Finally, I have found that even when I might not get everything I wanted to get done; there is a great peace when our priorities are in line with God’s plan.

What I’m up to these days…

With the new addition to our family and me not feeling well after delivery, I’ve decided that a mini vacation from blogging was needed. But if you are wondering what I’ve been doing during these time, here is a peak.


I would say 6 hours of my day (at least) is spent breastfeeding. I feel like it’s all I do! He is ready to eat every 2 hours like a clock. However, I cannot complain. I breastfed exclusively my first born for 7 months and I still remember how awful and painful those first few weeks were. If I wouldn’t made a commitment to myself to breastfeed her for one month, I’m sure I would have succumb to the formula the very first week. This time around breastfeeding has been a breeze! No crying and no cracked and bleeding nipples. It’s been almost 4 weeks and we are going strong! I think the reason of our success is less stress. This time around, I am not wondering if my baby is eating enough, nor I’m watching 100 YouTube videos a day on how to get a good latch. I’m more confident about what I’m doing and experience is a plus!

Spring Cleaning…

I didn’t thought that I was going to be able to do much cleaning this month. My mom and Carlos step up and they have been great helpers. I can proudly say that we did most of the 4 weeks challenge assignments. Our spring cleaning this month consist primary in cleaning the windows and wash the draperies, clean the refrigerator, the oven and reorganized the kitchen cupboards. We even spruce up our garden and plant a new tree to replace the one that fell down thanks to hurricane Irene (not talking about my daughter Eirene, although she is completely capable of…)  Now, we are enjoying our fresh clean house!

Soap opera…

Sad but true! I am glued in front of the TV every week night at 10pm watching “La que no podía amar”. Since I’ve been told that my generation can’t take responsibility for their actions, I must blame my mom. She watched it while she was here and she is the reason I’m now hooked. LOL! Let see how long it last since I have never been able to watch a soap for more than 2 months.


I have to recognize that it is been at the end of my list but I’ve been trying to sleep more and eat better in order to recover.

I’m still figuring out what is to be a mom of two under two. Until today grandma is been here to the rescue so I don’t know what I’m going to do now that she is gone. 😥