The Reboot Challenge: First week’s recap

It is been a very busy week for me. I had to have some unexpected test at the doctor so I was unable to do all the tasks in this challenge. But none of these really matter because my goal is not to clean my house. I can do that in less than 31 days. My goal is to be able to maintain an organized home where people feel welcome and love. This challenge has started to worked with me from the inside out and that is why I am loving it.

Mary Challenge:

My #1 distraction is certainly the computer. I received too many emails from different blogs and I just don’t have the time to read them all. So this week I focus on streamline my email. I allow myself to choose 3 of my favorite blogs to keep receiving emails. I spent about 3 hours unsubscribing but I think it was worth it. The second subject was priorities, God is being working with me in this area for a while. Here is something I wrote about it last week.

And here is a bible verse that always came to my mind when I think about  laziness.


PS: Is already midnight so I will continue tomorrow with the Martha challenges.


One thought on “The Reboot Challenge: First week’s recap

  1. Well, I join to the reboot challenge late. So, I could not finish either. Specially, when my two big distractions: my husband and my kids; changed my plans everyday. But, I am finding time to read my Bible and share a verse with my husband.

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