The reboot challenge has started!

Just want to remind everyone that the 31 days to clean challenge started last Monday. Today is a catch up day, great time to start if you haven’t do so yet. I’ll be posting all my before and after pics on Fridays.


4 thoughts on “The reboot challenge has started!

  1. I forget to write down the day. So, I am trying to use the catching day. But Angel changed my plans. I have people repairing stuff on the apartment and Angel installing a TV. I will let you know if I made it or if I will need extra time. I’ve been organizing a little bit around the house with my kids help. They love to set up the timer and see if they complete the task before the times is up. This technique is helping me to keep the kitchen and dinning room clean or at least organize.

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  3. It works. I think that help you to keep focus. The timer is my best friend right now. I use it for cleaning, for time out, for rushing them when I want them to be ready to go out. So, it is very helpful.

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