Getting My Priorities Straight!

When you have to click the forgot-password link of your word press account, you know you haven’t been blogging for a while. You’ll see adjusting to baby number two and handling two babies at a time can be overwhelming. Getting organize it’s been a necessity to survive this new stage of my life and I first needed to start by getting my priorities straight.

When I visualize the order of my priorities, I like to use an analogy I heard from my pastor. It’s about trying to put rocks, sand and water into a jar. If you start with the sand and water, then when you try to shove in bigger things like rocks, they will not fit.  However, when you first start with the rocks, the small things like sand and water will fit in-between.

With that in mind, I decided I needed to find the rocks in my life. As a Christian I know that my big rocks are God, my family (husband and kids first in that order), and church. But, what does this mean and how will my priorities affect my schedule and my to-do list? Are the questions I been struggling with the most.

That is when my morning routine it’s been key in keeping my priorities into perspective. I have found that if I spent time with God first thing in the morning, He will dictate how the rest of my day is spent. With God’s help, I am able to determine in which way I can take care of the rest of my priorities (family and church). After this, my to-do list is fit in around those priorities.  Not the other way around!

Finally, I have found that even when I might not get everything I wanted to get done; there is a great peace when our priorities are in line with God’s plan.


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