Freezer Cooking My Way! Part 1

After my monthly report last month, I mentioned to you that one thing that could help me achieve my goal to eat at home more often was freezer cooking. With a baby on it’s way, I’m afraid that all my progress will come to an end so I want to be prepare and freezer cooking sounds like a great idea. However, spending a whole day in the kitchen it is just not realistic for me. Especially with the huge basketball I am carrying and a very active toddler that require most of my time.

Then, I read the section of freezer cooking in an hour from Crystal Paine at It is awesome how she cook so much stuff in just an hour (including cleaning time!), but lets be real I am NOT the best cooker. If I try to do that many things in the kitchen in just an hour, I will probably end up burning the whole kitchen. Just ask my husband how many times he ate burnt rice for dinner during our first year of marriage!

Although I realize freezer cooking in an hour it is not for me, it inspires me to find a way to make freezer cooking works for my situation. My idea of freezer cooking was not to have a whole  month worth of meals prepared ahead in my freezer but to have most of my meals already started. Even if I still have to do some work in the kitchen everyday.

Here is how I started my plan:

1. Make a Menu:

Choose a few recipes that share a common ingredient. Since we are big meat lovers, it was no brainer to choose a meat as a common ingredient when I was planning our meals.  After all, we usually buy our meat in bulk at Costco. I started small since it was my first time, and like I said before I didn’t want to spend the whole day in the kitchen. I will recommend you to start with 3 recipes and then you can tweak it as you go to fit your situation.

2. Review your recipes:

Make sure you have all the ingredients you need for the recipes you choose. Also, remember to have on hand all the tools you need. I ended up having to wash more dishes because almost every time I started mixing a recipe I choose the wrong size mixing bowl. This is a mistake you don’t want to make, believe me!

3.  Make a plan:

Check all your recipes and make a step by step plan of each thing you need to do. Then gather all the tasks and put them in order. For example if you have to chopped onions for more than one recipe you might one to do all at once.

Tomorrow I’ll share with you how my first experience with Freezer Cooking My Way went!


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