Learning from Eirene: Her favorite toy

Children are really smart, you can learn so much from them just by observing them. During the next 4 Sundays of the month of March I will share with you a couple of things I have learned from my daughter. 

The last couple of weeks my daughter’s favorite toy is a cube of blocks. It is a very simple toy. It doesn’t moves, nor has any music or light but it’s still her favorite one. What she loves about it is that she can use it as a stepping stool. Since she is so petite, she cannot reach or climb into a lot of things but with her cube is a whole different story. Her toy allows her to climb up to the sofa, to turn on the TV and to touch everything I don’t want her to touch. This toy has it flaws. It is not very steady and she falls more than I want to.

In Mathew 7: 24-28 Jesus tell his disciples the parable of the wise and the foolish builders. In this parable Jesus compare a foolish builder that builds their house on the sand with someone that hear the word of God and doesn’t obey it. In the same way, a wise builder who built his house upon a rock is like someone who hears the word of God and put it into practice. Just like my daughter choose a flimsy toy to climb; sometimes in our life we decide to follow a path that eventually will make us fall. However, Jesus is there with open arms to help us get up and guide us through the right path if we are just willing to give our life to Him and obey His word.


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