Getting Ready for Baby #2

Can you believe that baby #2 will be here in about a month? People keep asking me if I’m ready and I still don’t know what to answer. One thing I learned with my first born is that even we might WANT a lot of things; babies don’t really NEED a lot of things. Seriously, babies’ needs are: food, diaper, clothing, a place to sleep and love. That it is! However, I keep thinking I am forgetting something really important. So I decided to make a To Do list before baby is here. Since my first born was born 13 months ago I have a lot of baby stuff already. I am now in the process of getting the baby stuff out, washed and setup.

Food: I’m planning to breastfeed so I am not going to need bottles or formula. Things I need to have in hands are lanolin, breast pad, breastfeeding bra and cleaned and washed breast pump in case I decide to use it.

Diapers: I really don’t want daddy to buy diapers because we will ended up broke by the end of the month. I have been buying diapers every time I see a sale. My goal is to have a 2 month supplies of diapers for both children. I still think I might want to buy one more pack of newborn diapers and I know I need at least 200 more for Eirene. Here is what I have until now:

  • 180 Newborn Size
  • 300 Size 1
  • 72 Size 2
  • 200 Size 4 (This are for Eirene)

Clothing: I washed and put away all the clothes that belong to Eirene that I could use with this baby. I still need to wash all the new clothes, specially the newborn sizes. Also, I might need to buy an extra pack of socks, you can never have too many

A place to sleep: This baby will sleep in a bassinet next to mommy during the first 4 months. I still need to clean it.

Carseat: Daddy needs to install carseat base. Clean carseat cushions.

Bags: The hospital bag is done, but I might want to add some snacks and cash money just in case.

Childcare arrangements for baby #1: Although grandma is coming in April, I need to make a list of people I could call in case this baby decides to come in March.

Double Stroller: I still need to buy one and I haven’t really decide which one I want. Any suggestions?

Freezer Cooking: I’m planning in cooks some meals ahead of time, just in case. However grandma is coming so I am not too worry about it. 🙂

Anyone think of something I am forgetting for the baby or for me postpartum?


One thought on “Getting Ready for Baby #2

  1. I think that you are ready. Be sure that you have at least three people to call in case your baby comes before grandma. And someone to be with you in case your baby decide to comes while your husband is working.
    I did the same thing I cleaned everything that I had from my daughter. We bought her a bed and we used her crib for my son. She did not like her crib anyway, so she was happy with her new bed. We wait for the double stroller because she loves to walk, but after the baby learned to sit she began to act as a baby.

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