My Weekly Meal Plan (March 5, 2012)

Last week report:

The cheesy pasta alfredo with salmon was delicious, healthy and so easy to make, is a keeper!  I didn’t make fried rice because by Thursday we had sooo much leftover! Also, I was able to do some freezer cooking, I will be sharing my experiences later during the week.


Pasta with salad and bread


Fried Rice (Latino Style) with salad
Since I wasn’t able to make it last week I’m moving it to this week




Rice with Sausage and beans


Homemade pizza


Beef and Vegetable Soup


Dinner at church

Note: This week I’m leaving “no cooking day” open to any day during the week. So probably I won’t be making one of these meal but is better to be over prepared! I only plan for dinners since we have cereals, eggs, oatmeal or pancakes for breakfast and leftovers for lunches. Not a lot of variety but its works for my family.

How about you? What are your meal plans for the week?


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