Progress Report: February

This year I’m trying to be more proactive about accomplish my goals. Here is my first monthly report about how I did.

First I want to thank you all. I think if I would not write about what I have been doing I would probably wouldn’t have done half of the stuff I did this month. Thank you for your encouragement and for been such a great accountability partners!

So, what progress did I had this month?

1. Read more often – Right now I’m reading Money Saving Mom’s Budget and the book of Act, is been great to sit down, relax and have some time to myself. I have committed to read one chapter of MSM’s Budget book per month and so far I have followed it. Hopefully, I will finish to read the book of Act by next month. Also I found about the Daily Bread App for my phone and love it! I can listening to an inspirational word every day while I’m unloading the dishwasher and having breakfast with Eirene. Great addition, I highly recommend it.

2. Have a better personal appearanceĀ – I need to find a salon hut I went to a spa, thanks to my friend Carla, and had a massage. I had a great time!

3. Clear out the clutter – I was able to organized all my clothes. You can read more here.

4. Meal Planning – I was able to plan my meal and shop intentionally every week. I have some good weeks and some bad weeks. Due to illnesses and other complications, I didn’t follow the plan all the time. However I”m sure that if I wouldn’t have a plan it will have been harder to manage those days.

5. Stick to our monthly budget: I stick to my grocery budget and even have some wiggle it room. This was a great unexpected bonus! You can read more here.

6. Have monthly date nights with my husband: We had a wonderful date night at home. Even when it was far from perfect, I love the time we spent together! You can read more here.

Before starting to write this post I was a little bit disappointed because I wish I could have accomplish more this month. However after going back and seeing my progress I have to say I indeed had a successful month!

So, How did you do?


2 thoughts on “Progress Report: February

  1. My dear Cynthia,
    I have to tell you that you did a wonderful job this month. You did more than these goals. You encourage me to sit down and stablish my goals. Beyond that you encourage me to do my own blog. I read the Money Mom Saving’s budget thanks to you. I can not wait to move and have a clear salary to begin some of the tips.
    I had a great month.
    1-I packed upstairs, most of my kitchen thins,my kids room and begin with my room.
    2- I made some money by selling some clothes and toys.
    3- I read two books.
    4- I am reading my Daily bread from my e-mail.
    5- and I am doing a good hobby for me: writing and following your blog.

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