Organizing My Clothes

One of my primary goals for last week was to organize my clothes. However due to illnesses in the family and a very achy pregnant body it took me more time that I originally planned. Now that is all done, I’m glad I finished it!!!

How it all started?

When you are as big as I am at 7 months pregnant you start running out of options to wear. I was taking too much time to get dressed trying clothes that didn’t fit anymore. It was starting to be a frustrating experience every morning and buying new clothes to wear for less than 2 months doesn’t really make a lot of sense. Then I had the brilliant idea to organize my clothes! The problem was not that I didn’t have enough clothes to wear, the problem was that I could not find the right clothes I need to build an outfit suitable for the occasion whatever this was.

Tackling my problem

  • Take out everything – I started by removing every single piece of clothe in my closet and drawers, and made a big pile on my bed. While doing this I threw away everything that was too worn out or that needed some sort of mending. Although I always have the best intention to mend some of my clothes I came to the realization that if it hasn’t happen in the last 25 years it will never happen.
  • Donation Box: I proceed to put in a box all the clothes that wasn’t my style or that I didn’t like anymore. For example all these clothes I used to wear in high school. It is very unlikely I will wear it again and I really doubt my daughter will want to wear it once she’s 15 years old. Also, the clothes that didn’t fit before I was pregnant like those jeans size 1 I still think I am going to be able to wear once again went to the box too.

  • Divide and Conquer– Finally, I divide all the clothes to keep in 3 groups:
    1. Pregnancy Size Clothes: I put on the left side of my closet all my maternity clothes. These are the stuff I can currently wear! I was amazed at how much maternity clothes I have, so it was a good surprise.
    2. Post Pregnancy Size Clothes: If you have never been pregnant, you would think that once your pregnancy is over you can go back to your normal size clothes. Unfortunately this is not the case. I put on the right side of my closet all my nursing tops and clothes that I will be able to wear in about 2 months.
    3. Normal Size Clothes: I put on my drawers all the clothes that I used to wear before pregnancy and that I think it will fit once again. I still need to try all this clothes by the end of the year and decide whether I want to keep it or donate it. 

And that’s it! It’s not the most perfect and organized wardrobe but I’m not trying to pursuit perfection. I just want to be able to pull out and put together a nice outfit that set the tone of the day without getting frustrated. And for that it serves its purpose!

Have you organized your clothes lately? Do you have any tips or trick you want to share?


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