My Weekly Meal Plan for February 20, 2012 and Last Week Failure

If you know what failure means, you can then know how my weekly plan of last week went. The week started great on Monday and Tuesday but that’s about it. On Wednesday, I decided to have lasagna again since we have plenty of left over and Carlos loved it. I knew he wasn’t going to complain and decided to move No cooking day on Wednesday. Well, on Thursday I started having lots of contraction and ended up in the hospital. Neither less to say I was unable to cook that day, so I never bake my chicken nor the homemade chicken stock. Hoping for a better luck this week. Since I was sent home to rest, on Friday, I decided to order a pizza instead of making homemade pizza. On Saturday, I did follow my plan but on Sunday I forgot there was no church dinner so I ended up making wraps and blackberry shake.

To improve my weekly meals, I really need to have a plan B because after all what is life without interruptions. I need to have some extra meals in our freezer so we can avoid eating out. During the upcoming weeks I will be experimenting more with freezer cooking to complement my meal plans. I will post more about it later.

Here is my meal plan for the week:


Rice with corn and baked chicken

Saving the leftover to make a homemade chicken stock to use on

my soup later this week *let see if it works


Pastelón de papa and vegetables


Pasta Carbonara and salad


No Cooking day


Homemade pizza


Vegetable Pork Soup


Dinner at church

Note: I only plan for dinners since we have cereals, eggs, oatmeal or pancakes for breakfast and leftovers for lunches. Not a lot of variety but its works for my family.

How about you? What are your meal plans for the week?


One thought on “My Weekly Meal Plan for February 20, 2012 and Last Week Failure

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