Home Remedies: My Experiences

When I was growing up, I thought my mom new everything. It seems that every time I wasn’t feeling right she knew exactly what to do to make me feel better. Up to this day I still think she knows a lot. Shh…don’t tell her I wrote this. Okay, I’m sure she’s aware of it by now. Well I’m glad that during this past year I’ve been able to put in practice some of the home remedies I learned from my mom.

Oatmeal Bath

My daughter was born with eczema. She has regular skin rashes with redness spots all over her body. These rashes are very itchy and get worse during winter time. Her doctor prescribed a cream that works wonderfully but can only be applied after the rash appears and it usually takes a couple of days for the rash to completely disappear.  Determined to find a better solution for my baby girl skin condition I tried several moisturizers and washes during last year. No matter how expensive the product was, nothing really worked and she was still having the rashes quite often. When last winter came, the rashes got worse and my mom mentioned to give her an oatmeal bath. “Just blend some regular oatmeal until it is very fine and add it to warm water. Leave her in there for about 15min and that’s it.” told my mom. I tried her recommendation although I was a bit hesitant since it was so easy. Well I must say that my baby skin has improve tremendously. We make it a routine to gave her at least 3 oatmeal baths per week and the rashes doesn’t appear quite often anymore.

Honey and Lemon

This past week, my daughter started coughing and having some chest congestion. I called to make an appointment with her pediatrician, but he was was on vacation. Last time we went to the emergency room I spent 2 hours in the waiting room so that wasn’t an option either. I knew then, it was my time to put in practice my “mom knows best” attitude. That’s when it came to my memory one of my favorite recipes my mom used to prepare, and probably one of the few that actually tasted good: Honey and Lemon. Since I didn’t have any at home, I called my husband to bring me some in his way home. I didn’t measure anything I just kept adding honey and lemon until it tasted good. I’ve been giving her 1 tsp three times a day. Now after a couple of days of honey and lemon, prayers and rubbing some Vick’s on her back and chest at nights she is doing better. I’m still planning to take her to the doctor on Monday but I’m glad I was able to make her feel more comfortable until then.

Do you have a home remedy you use frequently?

Note: I’m not an expert and you should always consult with you doctor before trying any home remedies. Be aware, health experts recommend not to give honey to babies under one year old. Why? Because honey can carry spores from the Clostridium botulinum bacteria. This bacteria is the cause of botulism which can cause death. Although adults stomach acidity can kill these spores, infants immature intestines and immune defenses allow the spores to grow inside them.



2 thoughts on “Home Remedies: My Experiences

  1. HI! Love the oatmeal remedy. In my family we also do the honey and lemon, but we add aloe vera, it’s great for congestion. We peel it, with the help of a knife, and mix it in the blender. I don’t know how hard it’s to find it there, since I only go to my backyard, but I’m sure that some natural aloevera juice will also work. Here they sell it in walmart and on vegetarian markets.

  2. I am glad to hear about your home remedies. Last summer my kids got everything that was in the environment. I went to their pediatrician and to the convinient care a lot, but their answer was always the same… Just wait. I spent most of my summer frustrated. So, next time that they get a cold I will try your Honey and lemon recipe. I had a friend from Spain that told me to use honey to prevent it, but I did not trust on her because she always was sick. She put it on her milk everyday.

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