Our Perfectly Imperfect Valentine’s Day

I’m usually not the kind of gal that plan every single step in my day. Actually, I’m pretty flexible and just try to go with the flow.  However, I wanted to have a perfect Valentine’s Day and decided to plan a very busy schedule for the day. The idea, to spent some time with friends at bible study, to go to the park with my little girl (to burn as much energy as possible), to prepare a delicious meal for my dear husband, to do my hair and to take a nap. All this before Carlos gets home, so we could have a romantic date at home.

I woke up early to start my day but my dear little girl slept until noon that morning. Because she was so cranky the day before, I didn’t have the heart to wake her up. I’m glad I didn’t because she woke up with chest congestion. I ended up missing bible study and I wasn’t able to spend time with my friends. Also, going to the park was not a good idea with a sick baby anymore. I spent my afternoon trying to make her feel comfortable, so I was not able to do my hair neither.

In the other hand, I was able to take a shower before my husband got home, make my dinner as planned and even had time for a special treat: cheese flan. Yum! We even had a full half hour for ourself to have dinner, just the two of us, since my baby girl was taking a nap. We were able to watch a movie almost uninterruptedly. And although we didn’t have a perfect Valentine’s Day, it was a perfectly imperfect day!

… I almost forgot, my dear husband brought me some mini roses which I will enjoy watching them grow in my kitchen and later in the spring, plant in my garden.

How did you spent your Valentine’s Day?


2 thoughts on “Our Perfectly Imperfect Valentine’s Day

  1. I like this post made me laugh. I decided to not celebrate Valentines. So , we did not do anything special. Angel baked pizza for me, I think that I can count that as a special gift. He also spent time with the kids. We played and danced with them until they fell sleep. During the day the kids were fuzzy too, so I went outside and took some snow. I let them play with the snow inside the house. They painted it with food coloring. We were very messy. I will say that I had a messy valentines with my two treasures. I will post some pictures later. 🙂

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