Meal Planning

First I want to say that I’m not an expert on meal planning. I’m still battling with preparing my menu every week and most important, to follow it. However, meal planning is a great way to stay organized and to stay under your budget. Here are some tips about how I prepare my weekly meal plan.

1. Pick a day:
Set aside a day of the week to prepare your plan. It will give you a timeline to work with. I like to do my grocery shopping on Saturdays because Carlos is home and I can do the shopping without my daughter. That is why I picked Fridays to do my weekly meal plan.

2. Start with what you have:
Look in your pantry and fridge before start making your meal plan. Try to use as much of what you have. By doing this you can avoid your food to get spoiled, you can buy less items and save more money.

3. Compile your recipes:
Have all your recipes in one place. I have a folder on my computer with my family favorite recipes and with some recipes I want to try. Every time I run out of inspiration to plan my menu, I go to my folder.

4. Theme days:
Some people have a theme each day. For example, Sunday is pasta, Monday is a crock pot dish and so on. Although I don’t plan my whole meal plan like this, I do have some theme days. On Saturdays I like to make soup, and Fridays are pizza night. This just make things a little bit easier.

5. Be flexible:
Life happens, don’t be discourage if things didn’t happen the way you planned it. Always leave room for error. Make notes of what works for you family and discard what is not working. And most important give praise to yourself!

How about you? Do you make a weekly meal plan? What are your tips?


2 thoughts on “Meal Planning

  1. I am not an expert on meal planning either. But through the years I’ve been learning some tricks that make my life easier.
    1. Knowing what meals enjoy every member in your house. For example I know that everybody in my home likes vegetable soup. So, this is a meal that I keep on my meal plan. But I know that my daughter doesn’t like salmon. So, I try to do this meal one time in a month and the day before I cook something that she loves. The next day she will eat the left over.
    2. Whith my mother in law I learned to have my meats and poultry seasoned before to frozen. This save you time. I also do the same with my sofrito and minced garlic. This safe me some times.
    3. Prepared meals that you can transform the left over in a different meal. For example: when I prepared chicken I have two meals: chicken soup and chicken with rice. If it is chicken breast I can transform it in a third or for meal: chicken sandwich orchid ken dip.
    Well, for right now this are some saving time tricks that I learned.

  2. Great tricks! I have tried to seasoned my meats before frozen it but I always failed on this. It seem I’m always in a rush after grocery shopping so I ended up putting everything away as quick as I can.

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